The situational plan
Development of transport infrastructure of Taman sea port

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Strategy of development of water transport of Krasnodar area
Location and brief characteristics of the construction area
Requirement for the land resources of the new commercial sea port
Complexes of the first, second and third stage of construction
Organization of the secure boundary-customs area
Transport service
Guarantee for employees and their families the objects of the housing and public utilities and social-welfare designation
Architectural design
Communication and signaling system
Possible influence on the environmental situation of the port complexes
Common arrangements of measures for warning of emergency situations
Financial and economic appraisal of efficiency of investment

Transport service

AT seaside there is a net of vicinal motor roads connecting cape Panaguia with populated centers in the recess of Tamanskiy Peninsula.
Close to cape Panaguia vicinal power lines connecting seaport with populated centres are installed.
Closest railway station Vyishesteblievskaya is located about 40 km from the estimated location of" Taman Seaport ".
Close to dum Tuzla there is an asphalted road from station Taman to fishery farm in the name of Khvalun.
Mainland is connected to port Kavkaz by railway and road through bay bar Chushka.

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