The situational plan
Development of transport infrastructure of Taman sea port

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Strategy of development of water transport of Krasnodar area
Location and brief characteristics of the construction area
Requirement for the land resources of the new commercial sea port
Complexes of the first, second and third stage of construction
Organization of the secure boundary-customs area
Transport service
Guarantee for employees and their families the objects of the housing and public utilities and social-welfare designation
Architectural design
Communication and signaling system
Possible influence on the environmental situation of the port complexes
Common arrangements of measures for warning of emergency situations
Financial and economic appraisal of efficiency of investment

Architectural design

Architectural and construction part of a new trade port was estimated with regards of:
- Climate conditions of construction site in Krasnodarsky krai at the Black sea shore;
- Engineering-geological investigations at construction site;
- Local catalogues of constructions and products for industrial and civil construction issued by construction organizations of Krasnodarsky krai.
Table 22 shows initial engineering data according to climate conditions.

Table 22.

Index Unit Scale Document
1 Climate zone - III SNiP 23-01-99 pic.1. page 51
2 Zone by climate influence to technical products and materials - II9 GOST16350-80 Drwg 1
3 Standard value of wind stress (II wind zone) Kpa 0,48 SNiP2.01.07-85* it. 6.4, table 5 Map 3
4 Standard value of snow cover weight for 1.2 m of horizontal land (II snow zone) Kpa 0,7 SNiP 2.01.07-85 it. 5.1, table 4 map 1 (new)
5 Ambient temperature of coldest five days period -19 SNiP 23-01-99 table 1
6 clay soil and loamy soil m 0,8 Asp per engineering and geology investigations
7 Seismic zone:
For wide construction -
For highly important and specially important buildings
grade * 8
SNIP II-7-81 considering amendment
5 dated 27.12.1999 .

* Seismic intensity as per MSK scale - 64

Engineering-geological investigations information is in chapter Natural conditions volume 3 archive 53-01-3.

List of main buildings and facilities

New cargo regions set up will require a number of industrial, maintenance and auxiliary buildings to be constructed.
- Following are the main of them:
- Open air stores for cargo of outdoor storage equipped by up to date carpeting of reinforced concrete slabs allowing not less than 20 t/m2 stress, a system of close conveyors, platforms for discharging carriages, vehicles and drenching system.
- Covered store platforms
- Tank field
- Storage for condensed gas
- Maintenance buildings with canteens and other auxiliary rooms
- Transforming sub station, pumping stations of rain and industrial drains, recipients of rain water and other structures;
- Gas operating boiler stations;
- Workshops and garages for small-scale mechanization;
- Special buildings;
- Engineering nets (outside and inside)
- Tourist complex, hotel with marine for 500 yachts and golf-club (Tuzla dam region);
- Entertainment complex of Disney-land type (Tuzla dam region);
- Marine archeology museum (Tuzla dam region);
- Fish farm for particular valuable species.
Construction of above-mentioned facilities is planned to be done by individual drawings using up-to date construction materials and technological equipment.

Foundation of buildings and facilities

Erection of foundations for buildings and facilities is considered after completion of initial construction work.
Foundations are piles-supported mass reinforced concrete frameworks (cape Panagueia region). Construction of piles-supported foundations and piles length is conditioned by availability of swelling soil and necessity to fix piles into lower soil layers in order to prevent uplift of foundations due to their swelling. Between soil surface and lower frameworks surface there would be a gaping equivalent to soil rise when it is soaked wet.
Earth foundation is supposed only for steel cylindrical oil and gas reservoirs and liquefied gas reservoirs, and it will be established by mix of non-swelling soil and macadam. Besides, under foundations damp-proof layer made of special material is presupposed.

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