The situational plan
Development of transport infrastructure of Taman sea port

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General information


Presentation of the investment project. The Russian version.
Development of transport infrastructure of Taman sea port

Investment project

Strategy of development of a sailing transport of Krasnodar region
Site and brief characteristic of area of construction
Need for land resources of sea trading port
Complexes of the first, second and third stages of construction
The organization of a regime customs area
Transport maintenance
Maintenance of workers and their families objects of housing-and-municipal and social purpose (assignment)
Architectural building solutions
Heat supply
Communication and the alarm system
Possible influence on an environment of port complexes
General safety measures, actions under the prevention(warning) of extreme situations
Financial and economic estimation of efficiency of investments


Russian coal
Аgro-industrial corporation ASTON


Cooperation Agreement in the Sphere of Realization of the Investment Project in the Territory of Krasnodar Region
The charter of the company
Regulations about board of directors

Information disclosure

The list of affiliated persons

Promotional materials


The union of Russian shipowners (SOROSS)
Russian river portal INFOFLOT
Association of international automobile carriers (ASMAP)
The Russian motor transportation union (RACES)
The state corporation on the organization of air movement in the Russian Federation
The Russian Railways
Map of railways of the CIS and Baltic


The situational plan

Objects of the first and second stages of construction

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