The situational plan
Development of transport infrastructure of Taman sea port

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Strategy of development of water transport of Krasnodar area
Location and brief characteristics of the construction area
Requirement for the land resources of the new commercial sea port
Complexes of the first, second and third stage of construction
Organization of the secure boundary-customs area
Transport service
Guarantee for employees and their families the objects of the housing and public utilities and social-welfare designation
Architectural design
Communication and signaling system
Possible influence on the environmental situation of the port complexes
Common arrangements of measures for warning of emergency situations
Financial and economic appraisal of efficiency of investment

Organization of the secure boundary-customs area

Customs area requires seaside checkpoint, which includes permanently operating representative of the following inspection authorities: Federal frontier service of RF, State Customs Committee of Russian Federation and quarantine and sanitary control body at State frontier.
Regional departments of corresponding bodies located in Temryuk City and Anapa City carry out immigration, veterinary and plant inspection. Port administration or representatives of Federal frontier service of RF or State Customs Committee of Russian Federation will make a request for inspection.
Customs inspection is carried out to make State bodies, companies, organizations and their officials; also individuals follow the order of goods and other articles movements through Russian Federation frontier.

Articled subject to customs check:
1 Products transshipped through complexes of new port;
2 Vessels moored at complexes wharf;
3 Port vessels for maintaining foreign-going vessels;
4 Vehicles at entrance (exit) of restricted area;
5 Employees of terminal and port yard going through restricted area.
6 Luggage (hand bags) of crew members and terminal employees.

Fenced and equipped by safety tools restricted area to be set up at seaside part of complexes. Apart from fencing, cabins for state inspection bodies to be installed.
As per these requirements restricted area with checkpoint to be set up at seaside zone. In checkpoint building equipped accommodations to be established in accordance with requirements of Federal frontier service of RF or State Customs Committee of Russian Federation.

Guard service post will be set up in the checkpoint.
People enter restricted area through checkpoint, at the same place thought check of passports is carried out. Vehicles pass through gates adjacent to checkpoint. Federal frontier service also monitor terminal employers passing to restricted area, when vessels are moored at wharf.
Restricted area land , including port wharfs, boom s yard and offshore pier, fencing and gates of the restricted area are lighted at 15 lx.

At all entrances and exits of restricted area metallic gates, barriers and check overpasses are installed.

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