The situational plan
Development of transport infrastructure of Taman sea port

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Strategy of development of water transport of Krasnodar area
Location and brief characteristics of the construction area
Requirement for the land resources of the new commercial sea port
Complexes of the first, second and third stage of construction
Organization of the secure boundary-customs area
Transport service
Guarantee for employees and their families the objects of the housing and public utilities and social-welfare designation
Architectural design
Communication and signaling system
Possible influence on the environmental situation of the port complexes
Common arrangements of measures for warning of emergency situations
Financial and economic appraisal of efficiency of investment

Location and brief characteristics of the construction area

The construction of new commercial sea port is planned to be placed in the Krasnodar area on the western coast of Taman peninsula in the region of
Panagiya cape, Tuzla dam and Chushka spit in the middle part of the Kerch strait. (The general plan is on pic.1).
All complexes of the first stage of construction is intended to place in the region of Panagiya cape (diagram of general plan. pic.2).
Complexes of the second and third stages of construction, placed in the region of Tuzla dam and Chushka spit, respectively (diagram of general plan. pic.3).
First region (first stage of construction) Panagiya cape:
- the specialized container complex - 2 mln. t/yr;
- the specialized grain complex - 5 mln. t/yr;
- the specialized coal complex - 7-10 million.t/yr;
- the complex of oil and oil products - 5 mln. t/yr;
- the complex of liquefied natural gas - 2 mln. t/yr.
Second region (second stage of construction) Tuzla dam:
- complex on the transshipment of metal - 2 mln. t/yr;
- complex on the transshipment of mineral fertilizers - 3 mln. t/yr;
- complex on the transshipment of forest - 3 mln. t/yr.
The third region (third stage of construction) Chushka spit:
- ferry-boat complex with cargo turn-over up to 2 mln. t/yr.
Special feature of the future construction of new port in the region of Tuzla dam is strongly developed soundings of water area of Tamanskiy gulf, that practically excludes the necessity of erection of any protecting structure.
The approximate estimation of sediment accumulation of the ship channel and the future water area of a new port testifies that this process is irregular in length, and a degree of sediment accumulation is insignificant.
Restoration of a radical part of a spit - Tuzla dam in length 3780 m has substantially reduced penetration of storm waves from Black sea. As consequence, rates of abrasion and washout of northern and east coast of Tamanskiy gulf have essentially decreased. Results of modeling investigations of influence of Tuzla dam on lytho-morphodynamic processes in a coastal zone have revealed stabilizing effect of this construction. Decrease in a countercurrent from Tamanskiy gulf promotes development of accumulation of deposits on a beach from the Black Sea part of a dam and, thus, raises its protective properties.

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