The situational plan
Development of transport infrastructure of Taman sea port

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In January, 22,2007 according to the resolution N19 of 19.01.20006 of the government of the Russian Federation the decision to change the name JSC "Kuban Sea Trade Port" for JSC "Taman Seaport" was taken at the Annual General Meeting

The authority of JSC "Kuban sea trade port" took part in the work of the 5th International Economic Forum Kuban 2006 which took place in Soshi from 28th of September till the 1st of October. For this purpose the model of the port was performed having the dimension 21,5 m and presentation material. There was a presentation of Investment project in the Forum the title was The development of Infrastructure of the port Taman including dry cargo region of the port Project was presented to authority of the Southern Federal distract and Krasnodar krai to member of the government of the Russian Federation to President of Russia V.V. Putin who evaluates it highly and told to general director Parinov P.F: The project is good. My congratulations! Governor of the Krasnodar krai Tkachev A.N. ask the President V.V. Putin to support this project.

The present investment project "Construction of seaport in Taman peninsula of Krasnodar area" is developed by JSC "Taman Seaport" on the basis of agreements about the collaboration in the sphere of the realization of investment project in the territory of the Krasnodar area of 60,61 from 29.09.2005 y., transacted between the administration of Krasnodar area and the founders of the company: JSC "Agro - industrial corporation Aston" (Rostov-on-Don) and JSV "Kubanservis" (Krasnodar).

The approximate cargo capacity of complex - is more than 30,0 mln. t/yr both input and output ones.
Proposed location - Panagiya cape, the region of the Tuzla dam, the region of Chushka spit, Temryukskiy region, Krasnodar area, Russia.

The construction of the new port coincides with the strategy of the development of shipment complex and relations of Krasnodar area and Federal special program The modernization of shipping system of Russia (2002-2010) of the Department of the Transportation of Russian Federation.

Taking into account the importance and urgency of investment project for its effective realization it is expedient to create special economic zone of port type.

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